Other concert dates will be announced soon.

A selection of past concerts

M!ndgames & Neo Prophet (B)
M!ndgames @ ProgFrog (NL)
M!ndgames & Martigan, DE
Release concert Paradox of Choice @ GC Bosuil, Overijse, BE
Live @ Prog 66 Meeting, BE
M!ndgames & Frequency Drift, DE
M!ndgames & AmAndA, BE
M!ndgames & Leap Day, NL
Live @ 5th Anniversary Progressive Promotion Records Festival, DE
M!ndgames & Anima Mundi, NL
Live @ ProgFrog, NL
M!ndgames, Flamborough Head & Yesterdays, NL
Live @ Spirit of '66, BE
Live @ Jeugdhuis Merlijn, BE
Live @ ProgFarm, NL
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